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For those who suffer from alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to admit they have a problem and seek the help they need. Addiction is a disease that affects the brain and clouds judgment. Alcoholism treatment is one of the best options for addicts who want to end the cycle of alcohol abuse.

There is no quick fix or magical remedy for treating addiction. Alcoholism treatment options are varied, and each individual needs to find the program that works best for them. Everyone’s needs are different, and each person should have a strong support system and the appropriate treatment method that deals with their specific issues and situation.

Addiction has an effect on every aspect of a person’s life. Alcoholism treatment should focus not only on the alcohol abuse, but on the medical and psychological health of the patient, as well as their interpersonal relationships. The success of any alcoholism treatment is dependent upon analyzing and understanding the impact alcohol abuse has had on the user’s life, finding ways to look at things from a different perspective, and beginning a healthier lifestyle.

Recognizing Alcohol Abuse / Alcoholism

Unlike using illegal drugs, drinking alcoholic beverages is accepted and sometimes even encouraged in our society. Since light to moderate alcohol use does not carry the same stigma as the use of illegal drugs, alcoholics often underestimate or lie about the amount they actually drink.  Some may deny that they have a drinking problem. Often family members, friends, and co-workers of the alcoholic recognize the problem first, but they may be too scared to confront them for fear of what their reaction might be. It is important to know the signs of alcohol abuse and how to get help. Call our Alcoholism Treatment Centers at (520) 686-5024 today to get more information.

Some of the warning signs a person is abusing or has grown dependent on alcohol include the following:

  • Cannot stop drinking after one to two drinks
  • Craves alcohol
  • Needs a drink to cope with everyday stressors
  • Hides alcoholic beverages from others
  • Conceals the extent of alcohol use from others
  • Experiences blackouts when drinking
  • Angered when confronted about their alcohol use
  • Legal, work, school, and family problems related to drinking

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Alcoholism and mental health problems often go hand in hand. Those who suffer from mental illness may use alcohol as a way to self-medicate. Some of these mental disorders can include: bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. When these two conditions occur together, it is known as a dual diagnosis. In this case, the only way treatment will work is if both diagnoses are addressed. Mental health professionals can help the addict manage their symptoms both through medication and behavioral therapy techniques.

Other Treatment Options

Many people who have problems with alcohol abuse and dependence get caught up in a cycle of recovery and relapse. While people relapse for many reasons, that fact of the matter is that recovering from alcohol addiction is a long and challenging process. Commitment to recovery and sobriety is central to any successful treatment program.

Depending on the severity of each case, each patient will have a different recovery course and treatment plan. The level of care required depends on a person’s, physical and mental health, age and history with alcohol. Clinical research studies have shown that, when alcoholics set their own recovery goals and objectives, they are much more likely to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Some of the types of alcoholism treatment and relapse prevention services provided by treatment centers include:

  • Medically supervised alcohol detoxification programs
  • Short-term and long-term residential alcoholism treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Alternative alcohol rehabilitation strategies
  • Family and group therapy
  • Referrals to Alcoholics Anonymous and other community support groups

If you recognize any of these signs of alcoholism, the time to take action is now. Call Drug Rehab Tuscon AZ at (520) 686-5024.

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