Mixing Marijuana and Antidepressants

The alarming number of prescriptions written for antidepressants make them the most dispensed drugs in the nation today.  According to data from the federal government’s health statisticians at least 27 million Americans take antidepressant reflecting a 400% spike in the use of these drugs over two decades consecutively.  Also, with the softeni... Read More →

Drug Rehab for Family Addiction in Tucson

Drug addiction doesn't affect only a single person. In addition to the addict, it also deeply affects friends, family, and others around them. That's where drug rehab for family addiction in Tucson comes into the picture. Oftentimes, overcoming addiction requires a group approach. Family addiction treatment doesn't just focus on the individual a... Read More →

Tucson Substance Abuse Rehab

Substance abuse is a continual problem affecting millions of Americans each year. The National Drug Intelligence Center reported that the illegal drug abuse problem has a cost implication of $193 billion a year. Tucson substance abuse rehab centers are an important part of the solution of treating individuals with substance abuse issues. If you ... Read More →

Opiate Abuse Treatment in Tucson

Opiates belong to a class of drugs that includes legal prescription medications and illegal drugs like heroin. Over one million opiate addicts remain in the U.S. even after a century of attempts to eradicate the problem, which is second only to alcohol abuse. Opiate abuse treatment in Tucson is well-established, all the while still evolving as new ... Read More →

Tucson AZ Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Tucson AZ alcohol addiction counseling programs understand that dealing with alcoholism is a huge obstacle. When it comes to admitting you have a problem and seeking out help and rehabilitation for alcoholism or alcohol abuse, denial can be the biggest obstacle to overcome. Because the chemical dependence on alcohol is so strong and the withdrawal ... Read More →

Meth Addiction Puts Tucson Woman In Jail

A Tucson-area woman was arrested Sept. 2 when Customs and Border Protections officers in Nogales found meth and cocaine worth $467,000 in her vehicle, according to authorities. The 13 pounds of meth wer... Read More →

Recovery and Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking is very useful during recovery. It can influence the addict’s lifestyle and help him/her make the right choices. Staying positive is not the answer for every problem, but it can help a person struggling with drug addiction. Recovery is a process that may involve frustrations and drawbacks at ... Read More →

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