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When a person develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, their substance abuse not only affects them, but it also has a profound impact on the their family and friends. From incessant arguments to financial hardship, the negative consequences of drug and alcohol addiction ripple through families.

Many times family members find it impossible to overcome the addict’s denial and find themselves desperate for a solution. A well-planned intervention may be able to help an addict understand how their disease has affected family members and friends and convince them to seek treatment. With an experienced specialist to guide family members through the process, a successful intervention is possible.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers in Tucson provide support for families who are in crisis due to substance abuse. They assist families in the planning and staging of an intervention. An intervention involves family and friends, with professional assistance, confronting their loved one about their addiction, offering a plan for treatment, and informing them of the consequences of their choices and actions. In order for this to succeed, the family needs to prepare for possible denial or an angry reaction from the addict. They must be willing and able to follow through with the consequences if the addict decides against treatment.

Given the highly emotional nature of this type of meeting, professional guidance is necessary during the planning of the session, the session itself and dealing with the outcome of the addict’s decision. Tucson Intervention Programs offer this support and guidance for families ready to confront their loved one’s addiction issues. To learn more about the intervention process, call (520) 686-5024.

The Intervention Process

The purpose of an intervention is to help the addict see through their denial and commit to treatment and recovery. They must be meaningful and designed to provide helpful and positive results. They require careful preparation. Family and friends must figure out the logistics of the meeting, as well as prepare the statements that each family member and close friend will deliver to the addict. They must also arrange for treatment.

Steps to prepare for an intervention:

  • Plan the time and place of the intervention.
  • Form a team by selecting individuals affected by the person’s addiction as well as choosing specialists who can assist in the process
  • Prepare and rehearse the statements family, co-workers, friends, and other concerned individuals are going to deliver to the addict.
  • Come up with realistic and meaningful consequences if the addict opts not to seek treatment.
  • Arrange admission to an addiction treatment center if the person agrees to treatment
  • Seek support and mediation from a professional during the actual meeting.

As each person expresses their feelings and experiences to the addict, it is vital to remember that it is about caring for the individual. Interventions are not meant to criticize or shame the addict into getting help, but instead providing a supportive environment to help them see that they have people who love them and want them to get better.

Family member and friends should provide specific examples of situations that have affected their relationship with the addict. There should be a plan in place, including types of relapse prevention treatment and recovery goals.

Addiction and intervention specialists at Drug Rehab Tuscon AZ are available to help you learn more about the process and what you can do to help a loved on suffering with this disease. Call us today at (520) 686-5024.

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