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Through alternative options, recovering addicts can explore a world of possibilities. They get to experience rehab in a whole new way. The holistic approach can help individuals focus on specific areas unreachable by other methods of treatment. The success of these recovery treatment programs depends greatly on the individual’s willingness to cooperate with the different techniques employed.

Treatment programs with a holistic approach combine methods including acupuncture, exercise, massage therapy, nutritional advice, art therapy, and Christian programs.  Within these treatment programs, skilled therapists assist each individual with healing methods that may benefit them on their path to sobriety. By enhancing their wellness, diet, and inner equilibrium, patients encounter a whole new self with more options for recovery.

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Exercise is an essential tool in recovery. Workouts can improve the individual’s health by lowering the risks of some categories of cancer, stimulating the immune system, and lessening symptoms associated with depression. Abusing drugs for long periods of time can harm the user’s brain. According to advanced research by the Franklin Institute, exercise may help with nerve regeneration. Research done by Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that long-term exercise contributes to blood flow to the brain, by providing extra oxygen and nutrients. People in recovery say exercise helps them with their sleeping habits. This may be due to the chemicals released in the brain during exercise, which make the body relax.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has proven to be successful in helping recovering addicts deal with stress. Stress may trigger a relapse in patients undergoing addiction treatment. It must be dealt with in order to move forward in recovery. It helps individuals connect with themselves and be more conscious of the changes their bodies are going through.

When users experiment with drugs a neurotransmitter called dopamine is released. This neurotransmitter is responsible for all the pleasure they feel.  Also, when individuals use drugs to feel pleasure, the body stops making endorphins and the substance of abuse takes over the job.

Endorphins have been shown to control the cravings of potentially addictive drugs.  It might take a while for the body to begin making its own endorphins again. Massage therapy and also exercise can trigger endorphin release helping the body’s chemistry stabilize.

Nutritional Guidance

Eating healthy goes hand in hand with recovery. Addiction, especially alcohol addiction, may lead users to malnourishment. The calories found in alcoholic beverages, for example, may produce a feeling of fullness. That’s why many alcoholics don’t have a healthy diet with all the nutrients the body needs for proper functioning and development.  Since addiction affects the body in many ways, having the right nutrition may accelerate the healing process during recovery.

Christian Programs

This faith-centered program helps those individuals struggling with substance abuse reconnect with their faith. People from all faiths and religions are welcomed. The program includes drug rehab therapies, instructive groups, individual, group and family advising, and relapse prevention strategies.

Recovering addicts get to build strong support within the Christian community, and visit a local church which may help with the sense of isolation that often comes with addiction. Spirituality can be used as a valuable tool in your battle against addiction.

Traditional treatment methods have been successful yet they are more powerful when combined with other approaches.  Some people may not feel comfortable with a specific method of treatment therefore having a variety of options may help in treating them more effectively. All of these treatment programs increase the amount of possibilities for a lasting recovery.

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